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Sept. 23 Cancer Benefit Event Coming Next Month

Gaming is awesome. We all know that. What could be more awesome? Gaming for a good cause. Brian Stuchell, owner of Greenfire Games in Chicago (my original hometown), has been diagnosed with cancer in his jaw. In order to help with treatment, they're going to be holding a huge benefit event on the 23rd of next month. If you're in the area and can stop by, I certainly hope that you will.

About the event:

Our friend Brian, one of the co-owners of Greenfire Games (one of our favorite game stores!) has been diagnosed with cancer in his jaw. In the words of his friend, and Greenfire Games co-owner, Mike:

For the last year, Brian has been instrumental in building a close community of players and collectors at Greenfire Games; the tabletop game store he opened in 2016. In the last few weeks, everyone in the community was shocked to learn that Brian was diagnosed with cancer in his jaw.

In order to keep the cancer under control, his surgical team recommended removal of the left half of his jaw. Brian's surgery took place on August 2, 2017. The lower left half of his jaw bone has been replaced with a metal piece, supplemented by bone and skin from his chest and leg.

The next step will be a round of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Once the treatment has ended, Brian will go into his next surgery to graft the healthy tissue from his leg.

Furthermore, as the owner of a small business that is still inside it's first year, Brian does not currently have health insurance. He has applied for state aid, but it has yet to be fully approved. In addition to Brian's medical leave, his fiance Michelle, who also works at Greenfire Games, will be taking some time off to help take care of him.

We are organizing a benefit to help raise money to cover his hospital bills. The event is September 23 at Greenfire games, and will be a full day event with lots of fun activities.