Sentinels unlock everything

Greater Than Games has reworked their Kickstarter campaign and unlocked all the stretch goals. They’ve also updated the add-on choices.


From the update:

There have many numerous reactions to our announcement of the Add-On Pack in Update #14 – some good, some bad, some lukewarm… and we read and considered them all. As we have said many times before, we love our backers, and we are focused on making sure you feel like backing us isn’t just you being awesome (which it totally is) but is also you getting awesome stuff from us. So much awesome stuff that you feel that we have over-delivered. That’s what we want.

So! We’re changing things up a bit.

The rest of this campaign no longer has Stretch Goals. There are no more things to unlock. We’re unlocking EVERYTHING. Possibly well past the funding point that this campaign will eventually reach.

As stated, we are at the ceiling of what we can make and deliver on-time, but we have more things we want to give you. We’re still going with that same model, but rather than worrying about how far this campaign goes, we’re going to give you everything we could make, stopping just shy of content that we’re planning for future games and expansions (which, at this point, are looking more and more likely).