Sentinel Tactics coming to an end

Greater Than Games has less than 2 days left in their Sentinel Tactics Kickstarter campaign. They’re still going through stretch goals. Go check it out before time runs out.

Sentinel Tactics


From the campaign:

We introduced Poster Maps as a thing (or, rather, a few things) that we’re making available as part of the Add-On pack. We’re still in talks with our printer about what they’ll be made out of, but we’re shooting for a material similar to what our playmats are made of: high-quality printed vinyl. Here are some things which are also true:

The poster maps are 24″ by 36″
They will be rolled, NOT folded (creases in maps are bad!)
They will have hex-grid maps on them which are not easily done with modular tiles.

That last point is important. We’re doing poster maps for these locations because they’ll be static locations with setups and layouts which aren’t really possible with modular tiles. This way, you have have the map tiles that come with the game, PLUS poster maps – best of both worlds!