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Sentinel Games previews new concept artwork for Total Extinction

Sentinel Games has posted up some new concept artwork for Total Extinction with a look at a new religiously devout faction.


From the post:

While the divinely appointed mandate of the Theocracy is the destruction of the works of humanity and the return to Earth by the Pure, the Followers of the Prophet are as pragmatic as they are devout. They cannot wipe the stars clean if they cannot travel between them. They cannot smite the unclean without weapons as devastating as the enemy's. The Theocracy maintains countless holdings, ship yards, and factories on countless worlds. From the dregs of the United Authority the Theocracy has crafted a blade capable of slaying false gods. Only after they have performed their duty, after they have cleansed the universe, only then will the Theocracy retake Earth and bask in the rewards of the righteous.