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Sentinel Games announces Total Extinction Kickstarter

Sentinel Games announced their upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Total Extinction, their sci-fi miniatures game.


From the announcement:

We can finally announce the launch of Total Extinction on Kickstarter: it will be on the 15th of October at 11:00 EST (16:00 GMT).

With crowdfunding we hope to raise funds for production of the first two armies (the Union of Colonies and the Glorlon) which can be obtained in boxes of units, armies or in a Starter Set called “Battle for Karnak”, the first official campaign of the game.

Every box of units will contain from one to nine miniatures as well as the respective cards of units and the tactical cards (in the case of Commanders).

The Starter will be composed of two balanced armies that enable to carry out the missions described in the campaign as well as all necessary elements for the game (rulebook, cards of units and tactical cards, dice, templates and tokens).

We hope we can count on your backing to be able to make Total Extinction a reality.