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Sentinel Games announces resin miniatures and start box model count updates

Sentinel Games has updated their Total Extinction Kickstarter campaign and letting us know they've decided to go with Resin for their minis. They're also upping the number of minis in the starter box.


From the update:

This week we´ve had several meetings with a couple of factories to adjust prices and decide which material is the the best for the miniatures.

Our miniatures have a lot of details, some of them are very difficult to replicate without very expensive molds (with mobile parts) but when we created Sentinel Games, we had two things in mind clear: make great games and even better miniatures. So making mediocre models was not an option for us. We must replicate each detail.

Other problem is that we want to make a lot of models, all of them multipart. Plastic injection has very expensive molds (even more expensive for our models if we don´t modify them) and we want a lot of them. The 8 models included in the Starter Set are only the beginning: we want the Glorlon Supperssor or the Colonial Stakan alive as soon as posible.

After all that we came to only one conclusion:


With polyurethane resin we can make awesome models, full of details and with a cheap molding cost, so we can release more models faster than with plastic. And we find a factory in Spain so we could follow the production very close and be sure that the miniatures are of the best quality.

The drawback of resin is the individual cost for each miniature in comparison with plastic so the Starter Set "Battle for Karnak" will have a higher value on retail that we expect.

But this is not all the news we have:

The Starter Set will include more minis! We change the size of the colonial Trooper squad to 9 miniatures and the Glorlon Soldier squad to 5 miniatures. So in each Starter will be 37 miniatures instead of just 29, and of Resin instead of plastic.