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Sentai Heroes cover revealed

Radioactive Press are previewing the cover of their Sentai Heroes rulebook. From their announcement:
We have received the final color version of the cover for our upcoming Toy Battle System Playset titled Sentai Heroes. Sentai Heroes is a game of high tech team combat. In Sentai Heroes each player controls a team of fighters armed with various technological gadgets that they must use to stop the opposing team. Sentai Heroes is a playset for the Toy Battle System game Power Warriors. A playset is a set of rules designed to present a unique setting in which to play one or more Toy Battle System games. Each playset requires the core rulebook of the game for which it is a playset of in order to use it. All rules presented in a playset are considered optional and and as such require the permission of all players before being allowed in any Toy Battle System game outside the confines set forth by the playset. Coming In June