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Senagote Card Game Up On Indiegogo

When out and about, it's good to have an easy-to-carry game that you can break out whenever you might find yourself with some time to kill. Ideally, you'd have maybe 2 or 3 of these games with you. Well, Senagote, a new deck of cards up on Indiegogo, is 3 games in one deck. So it fits such a need perfectly.

This deck of 96 cards is a little bit of everything wrapped into one. It's got spots on it to play a game of Dominoes. It also has pieces printed on it so you could play a game of Chess. Then there's the Poker-deck suits and numbers, along with the suits for Mexican-style games. So in one thing, all together, you've got quite a large number of games you can potentially play.

The campaign is just underway. You've got some time to follow this one, if you want, as it's set to run for another 2 months.


Note: And yes, I was thinking, "Give him a sedagive!" when typing up the post.