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Security Force Alpha, A New 15mm Army from brings you their latest 15mm army, Security Force Alpha.

From the update:

Salute Month continues on and you can get 15% off any and all orders with a special promo code (see the link at the end of this news item). But we also have a MASSIVE release into the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range... Security Force Alpha!

After watching the 15mm science fiction market for six months creative manager Gavin Syme (GBS) and sculptor Elton Waters teamed up to create a diverse, generic and human force suitable for any near or far future wargame system. Its called Security Force Alpha (SFA for short) and it releases with eight new pack codes comprising nearly THIRTY different miniatures all of whom match up exactly with each other. All across the core star systems and on Terra itself there is a need for security after, during and even before the high rollers and expensive kit arrives in the battle zone. Security Force Alpha is just that force filling in as police, paramilitaries, mercenaries and planetary militias too. They are the faceless grunts that do the thankless jobs needed by all those who govern, control or enforce. Painted by Eve Hallow.

Its a great day to be a fan of 15mm science fiction wargaming!