Secret Weapon Sewer Works – Round Lip preview

By tgn_admin
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Jun 28th, 2011

Secret Weapon Miniatures have posted a preview of work-in-progress versions of their upcoming Sewer Works – Round Lip bases.

SewerWorks preview

From their website:

‘Sewer Works’ is the second set of bases coming to round lip before going to beveled (‘Iron Deck’ was the other). This is another set of hollow bases so you can add your favorite water product.

These three are work in progress masters and not resin casts. Each of these is made with plaster cast bricks. I will individually weather and chip the blocks to ensure a more realistic texture. I fill in the gaps with very thin sanded grout.

  • If you click through you’ll see one that’s finished too. The 40mm base at the top hadn’t even been rounded or smoothed when I took this picture. I’ll have new previews up tomorrow that are much cleaner but folks had been asking about this set.

  • For a work in progress they look incredibly good!

  • Thanks 🙂

    Be sure to click through to see the finished 50mm base. It’s painted and includes Realistic Water in the hollow.