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Secret Weapon Releases Hollow Blank Bases

Secret Weapon Miniatures releases hollow blank bases:

From their announcement:

The first wave of pressure cast resin hollow blanks is now live and available for purchase!

This includes beveled edge 25, 40 and 60mm bases -- as well as 30, 40 and 50mm round lip bases! The second wave will include beveled edge 95x120mm and 25x70mm bases as well as a round lip 120mm base.

Each of these hollow blanks was taken from a high quality 3D print or CNC milled aluminum master for crisp detail and flawless edges. As with all of our themed hollow bases we also won't be shipping anything with an imperfection in the lip - which means you'll be able to use them without the need to putty away imperfections!

And of course there's still a great selection of themed hollow bases in both beveled and round lip styles -- exclusively from Secret Weapon Miniatures!