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Secret Weapon release Ruined Temple & Alien Invasion bases

Secret Weapon Miniatures have released new Ruined Temple & Alien Invasion bases. New bases From their website:
I am happy to announce that the incredibly popular 'Ruined Temple' series has been remastered with a beveled edge and lower profile. And before you ask, yes, a 95x120mm base is in the works :) But that's not all -- there's a brand new set of 'Alien Invasion' sculpts from bug master Pedro Navarro. For the beveled version of 'Alien Invasion' we did away with the natural elements and went all out with the creeping, organic alien goodness. This allows you to combine you 'Alien Invasion' bases with the 'Urban Invasion' and 'Urban Streets' bases to create variation and interest in larger armies. The inter-set compatibility will continue when the 'Iron Deck' bases come to beveled edge so stay tuned for alien versions of those as well.