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Secret Weapon preview Iron Deck bases

Secret Weapon Miniatures have posted a preview of their upcoming Iron Deck base series. Iron Deck bases From their website:
The last time I put out a call for experienced sculptors I heard from Ian Hemmings of Fiendish Fabrications. I really like his work and was very surprised. I explained that I'd be looking for bases, especially something like his Iron Deck set, and thanked him for his email but understood that he wouldn't want to sculpt a competing set of bases. Well I am thrilled to say that the Iron Deck bases have been expanded and are coming to Secret Weapon. Ian is also working on a set with a beveled edge and I'll have a preview up as soon as one is available. In the interim here's a look at his wonderful sculpts painted up: The masters are working their way here from Australia and you can be sure I'll have them in molds as quickly as I can. Stay tuned for updates -- especially as this is just the first of several projects Ian will be joining us for.