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Secret Weapon preview first 20 Washes

Secret Weapon Miniatures have posted a swatch sample of the first twenty colours in their upcoming Wash set. 20 Wash Swatch From their website:
Here it is, the official 20 colour swatch sheet for the initial "Secret Weapon Washes" launch. With the exception of the "Soft Body Black" and "Heavy Body Black" swatches these are actual photo samples of the colours taken against a swatch contact paper. All 20 washes will be available in an "All Your Washes" bundle with a built in discount -- but this will effectively be a pre-order item until my bottle order arrives as I do not have inventoried quantities of "Green" and "Purple" at this point. Everything else is ready to go though and individual colours will ship immediately. I will be working on the other 10 colours in coming weeks and when the 30 colour "All Your Washes" bundle is available I will keep a separate 10 colour set available, with the same discount, for folks that come back to complete their collection. But don't expect those colours too soon - April and May are being reserved for some major new base releases.