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Secret Weapon Miniatures shows off their March releases

Secret Weapon Miniatures gives us a look at their March releases, including this kick-ass Gothic Generator. Why play on a boring table?

The announcement's not a secret, even if the company is...

As today is 29-February we have decided that it doesn't officially count as February anymore, since everyone knows that there are only 28 days in February, and so we've launched the March releases!

This includes a whole host of hotly anticipated new products:

Gothic Terrain: Power Generator
Masterclass Scenics: Fallen Leaves - Brown
Masterclass Scenics: Leaf Litter - Light Green
Masterclass Scenics: Leaf Litter - Dark Green Green

It also includes SIX new 95x120mm beveled edge bases so that all of our
current themes now have a flight base -- and the new round lip theme
"Cobblestone" for our Warmachine, Hordes, and Malifaux players out there.