Secret Weapon Miniatures releases Practice Sticks

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 7th, 2013

Secret Weapon Miniatures has released the “practice sticks” that are perfect for helping teach techniques on different surfaces or just for practice.


From the release:

When “misterjustin” goes on the road to teach classes, he often uses these sticks so that folks can practice the techniques without focusing on a full models. We’ve had so many requests to make them available outside of his classes that we’re now offering them for direct sale.

Each set includes multiple textures and surfaces to work with, including male and female torsos, faces, cloth, fur, leather, metal, bricks, gems, and more!

This product is sold unpainted and should be washed in cool, soapy water prior to painting.

Master sculpts by Steven Saunders

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  • haywire

    Interesting idea.

    It doesn’t say, but is it just the two sticks? How many copies do you get?

  • GreenJello

    Seems a bit expensive for what you get. $10 for two sticks, when I’ve got a ton of minis that need to be painted.

    • Ghool

      This is absolutely superb for painting demos. This is clearly geared for that, and not for people who just want to paint miniatures.

      As some one who runs a lot of painting demos, these are an very valuable tool.

  • 4tonmantis

    For $10 you’ll be hard pressed to replicate the variation in details. I have “most” of this type of thing laying around in the bits box.. but..
    a)using bits means I no longer have those bits for use
    b)I’ll run out of something for sure
    c)quality on bits isn’t consistent
    d)I like making bullet lists 😀

    • Ghool

      As another plus, you can just strip these sticks when you’re done, and have them ready for another demo.
      Considering a single miniature costs more than $10, and doesn’t even include all of those textures/surfaces, I think it’s a pretty decent price.