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Secret Weapon Miniatures releases... everything

Secret Weapon Miniatures has 57 new products in stock. That's right, 57. The one they wanted to show off the most was their new Corpse Field bases.

From the update:

As of today we now have the largest selection of 50mm round lip bases on the
planet -- giving the Warmachine, Hordes, and Malifaux players out there more
options when putting together those heavy hitting lists!

But wait, there's more!

We also launched 120mm round lip bases today -- with only Cobblestone and
Iron Deck waiting on the masters to be finished.

And we're not finished yet...

CORPSE FIELDS is the new base theme this month -- available in round lip and
beveled options this themed hollow set includes dessicated corpses and
creeping rot that will let you put your models ankle deep in viscera!

Of course we also have our new 1/48 scale baked ceramic bricks in three
colour combinations, a set of 16 resin tree stumps, 20 bits of broken Doric
Column, fall and summer leaf mixes and...

The Realistic Water is finally available as a stand-alone product in a 0.5
ounce dropper bottle!