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Secret Weapon Miniatures is having a sale

Secret Weapon Miniatures is having themselves a sale on their wonderful products. Go check 'em out.

FB1500 -- 15% off of your order through Friday 9-November. Just enter that coupon code to save 15% on your entire order!

And enter for your chance to win a $50 Secret Weapon gift voucher!

Simply comment on this thread - and then get your friends to "like" the post. The person whose comment has the most likes will win the voucher!

We will add ANOTHER $50.00 gift voucher for every 50 likes that the thread itself gets... and to help move it along we've already given it the first like! The contest ends on Friday 9-November, but the winner(s) will get a special coupon code!

Thanks to everyone that has helped us get to more than 1,500 likes on Facebook and helped us garner almost 6,000 orders to date!!!