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Secret Weapon Miniatures Hobby Gaming Haiku Contest

Ok guys, our first giveaway this past week had over a hundred replies. The second one got over 200 (the winner there has been notified!). The counts for those are just awesome. Thanks to everyone that has replied to those so far. We've got another couple Forge World minis to give away, but those will wait for a later time.

But for now, here's the third giveaway:

Secret Weapon Miniatures, as you know, has products for all facets of the hobby gamer. They've basically got it all and have given us a $50 voucher for their store. Though this isn't like the previous giveaways where you just need to comment to get in on the action. misterjustin has a much more... poetic way for you to enter.

To get yourself into this contest, you need to write a Haiku (a 3-line poem with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second and 5 syllables in the third, for those that don't know) about the Hobby Gaming world. It can be about playing the games, painting and assembling minis or terrain or anything in-between.

You can enter as many as times as you'd like, since we'll be doing a judging for the winner. misterjustin, Kevin and I will read over your responses and decide which is the winner. Keep them clean, though. No swearing, foul language or horrific immagery, as usual for the comments.

I'm... slightly worried about the replies... We'll see how this goes.

We'll leave this open until Wednesday morning at 9am Eastern. We'll do the judging afterward and let you know the results.