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Secret Weapon Miniatures announces bases trade-in program

Secret Weapon Miniatures wants you to not have to look at all those bases laying around that you're not using. So they'll take them off your hands.

Every time we launch a new line of bases I hear someone say, "I wish I'd seen these before I bought..."
And now there's a cure for that - the Secret Weapon Trade-In Program!
You can now trade-in your unwanted resin bases for store credit!

But wait, there's more!

You can trade in resin bases from OTHER MANUFACTURERS for store credit. That's right, we'll even take the unwanted bases from our competition and give you store credit to spend on ANY Secret Weapon product.

Wait, what? YES! You can use your store credit to purchase ANYTHING in the Secret Weapon catalog.

Check out the program today and start looking around for those bags of unwanted bases you stuffed into a box and forgot about...