Secret Weapon Battle Foam Bag revealed

By tgn_admin
In Accessories
Jun 16th, 2011

Secret Weapon Miniatures have posted photos of the custom trays being produced for them by Battle Foam.

PACK 216 trays

From their announcement:

This incredible bag will hold all 22 Secret Weapon Pigments, all 30 Secret Weapon washes and still has room for tools and a couple of extras. Your brushes can be safely stored in the lid and the foam toppers will keep things from getting damaged.

The bag will be available later this month, empty or full, from both Secret Weapon and Battle Foam.

  • Is it just me or does this seem sort of needlessly nerdy?

    • Zac

      Depends on whether you travel with paints or not. I don’t see the need but some people like having a travelling case for their painting supplies.

  • Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    I agree with Jim in general but then realise that this would be great as a storage option for people with not a deicated hobby area or whom has little hands that travel.

    This style of product designed with an IKEA set of drawers = pure awesomeness

    Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    • Will B

      Standard Battlefoam trays fit exactly inside standard filing boxes.

      • BaconSlayer

        Sabol trays fit inside short comic boxes.

  • I think that this is the most amazing Battle Foam bag load out yet… but then I might be biased 😉

    Kidding aside this, and the other paint load outs, are intended for the painter on the go. I’m one of those that travels with my Vallejo suitcase and now my Secret Weapon Battle Foam bag. The fact that my SWM trays will also fit into my larger Battle Foam bag means I can take my army, paints, pigments, etc. with me and not have to worry about ANYTHING getting damaged.

    As Lord Abaddon of Wormwood suggested I will also start keeping my pigments and washes in here for my home studio. Even though I have a dedicated painting space it’s still nice not having everything on my desk. I use my pigments and washes fairly regularly but anything that helps keep the space from getting cluttered is a boon.

    And of course once I have the custom cut trays for my airbrush compressor I’ll be using my big Battle Foam bag at all of my workshops 🙂

  • blackfly

    I think its darn near impossible for bottles of paint to get damaged, short of getting run over. In that instance this bag offers you no more protection than a laptop or messenger bag would against that sort of impact. As an organizer, I guess it could make sense, but ‘protecting paints’ is pretty laughable. I’ve never had a bottle of vallejo break, chip, dent, explode, etc when travelling with it.

    Ah well. Its a nifty toy for those that love toys. 🙂

    • Zac

      I think its darn near impossible for bottles of paint to get damaged, short of getting run over.

      I doubt anyone is buying these to protect paint bottles just to make them easier to transport

      • And keep organized.

        When you’re rolling between conventions, tournaments or just from home to your local dork store with a bunch of your paints and supplies (as I do regularly) it’s nice to have everything neatly packed, organized and not banging into your models or spilling onto the floor.

        I used to just carry my paints in a giant Ziploc bag… which wasn’t so good.

        My Vallejo suitcase will be replaced by a Battle Foam insert and everything will fit into one neatly organized bag. With wheels, because I’m lazy.

  • Yeah, hadn’t considered that. I never travel with paints cos I have so much stuff. Dedicated space with proper lighting and so forth. Drawers and drawers full of paints and tools and glues and crap. Shelves full of spray compounds and big cans of chemicals and whatnot. Boxes and boxes of bits and pieces. It’s more of a workshop than a “hobby station”, I suppose. Totally non-portable.

    • You’d be surprised 🙂

      My “painting station” is a dedicated desk that includes the computer I’m using now. Of course I have a second desk in the office that includes all of my sculpting, terrain and base making supplies. Hundreds of paints, dozens of pigments, etc. My airbrush and spray booth are in here too.

      Then I have the spray booth out in the workshop and carefully organized multi-bin tool kits full of bits (which makes things easy to find AND portable). More paints, sprays, etc.

      I have to take a great deal of this with me every time I do one of my Masterclass Vehicle Weathering Workshops. The Battle Foam bags help a lot – and they’re going to do a custom tray to fit my small airbrush compressor. It’s going to be wonderful.