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Secret Weapon April 2011 release schedule

Secret Weapon Miniatures have posted their release schedule for April 2011. From their announcement:
I get a lot of emails from folks wondering what the next Secret Weapon release is going to be. As we're moving to a more fixed every other month release schedule, to help plan our production needs, I thought I'd share the tentative plan for April releases:
  • Desert Basin 25x70mm Bike Bases
  • Desert Mesa 25x70mm Bike Bases
  • Desert Sands 25x70mm Bike Bases
  • Desert Wasteland 25x70mm Bike Bases
  • Runic Mountain 25x70mm Bike Bases
  • Flight Deck 40mm 02 (all pierced-steel-plating)
  • Blasted Wetlands theme - Beveled Edge
  • Bone Fields theme - Beveled Edge
  • Jersey Barriers
  • Flight Widget
  • 40mm Laurel Display Plinth
  • Assault Cannon Shells
  • Wetlands Scenic Kit
There's a chance that not everything will make it into the queue as those are a lot of molds to get through in a very short period of time.
Check out their website for full details.