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Secret War Operations Free Introductory Campaign Book For Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish Now Available

For some gamers, just diving into the deep-end with a new game and starting out with a huge game works just fine. I'm not some gamers. I like to learn a bit at a time, starting with whatever starter material a game might have and going from there. The folks over at Modiphius feel much the same way, as they've posted up Secret War Operations, a new free tutorial campaign for Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish.


This free pdf gives you a whole starter campaign for the game. Over the course of seven missions, you'll learn the game naturally, beginning with basics of just moving and shooting before getting on to more advanced concepts like command, morale, and magic. But it's not just learning missions with no plot. You'll be fighting in The Forest of Fear, a massive forest in the heart of Europe that contains an Elder Thing city. After you play through the campaign, you'll be ready to dive into the game at-large.