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Second Wave of Freeborn Releases Available from Warlord Games for Beyond the Gates of Antares

Warlord Games posted up the army list for the Freeborn a couple weeks ago. So you've had a bit of a chance to see what these space-traders are capable of. You might've even proxied some of the forces to actually try them out on the battlefield. Well, if they've been to your liking, you can now pick up the actual figures for many of the squads. Warlord Games has the second wave of Freeborn minis available now over in their webshop.

You can't have an effective fighting force without effective leadership. Until now, you've had some squad leaders, but you can now add a Freeborn Command Squad for your army. That should help things flow more smoothly. From there, you need some good, elite, veteran troopers to act as hard points in your line. For that, you can get the Freeborn Vardanari. And while elites are good, having extra bulk to your numbers can do wonders as well. Let slip the Feral Squad of war to accomplish that. Finally, artillery is another key component in any force. You can add a Freeborn Mag Light squad to your force (and their huuuuge flashlight, I assume) in order to take out the enemy.