Second Edition Fantasy Legend close to release

Black Knight Games will soon be releasing an updated version of their Fantasy Legend rules and is looking for feedback from gamers.

From their announcement:

Although the second edition of Fantasy Legend will be released a bit later than I had hoped, I am in the final stages of completing the rules and am very proud of the work we have done to re-vamp the game.

I have decided to focus on the skirmish-level battles, and will be providing profiles for many races that will not necessarily be included in the background story. I do this because I am dedicated to the idea that players should be able to use the miniatures they already have in their collections. Players will find the rules are pretty generic. Again, this is intentional so that they may create their own worlds and motivations and still play a well-balanced game.

You will see that the rules do not cover a lot of background and “fluff,” but rather concentrate on the mechanics of the game. I will be working on specifics for the world (Faldor) and the races in future supplements. More on that later.

As I get closer to the release, I would like to hear from gamers about their thoughts about the following:

What miniatures should be developed first? I will definitely be concentrating on the Verminion. They are an important factor in the storyline, but what other races/beasts/vehicles/weapons models would you like to see?

Some things to consider:

1. Fantasy Legend is closely tied into Galactic Legend. There is a lot of crossover between the storylines and even the potential for some gameplay crossover.

2. Since I have decided that our games will be published as PDF files first, I would like to know what your thoughts concerning PDFs are. Specifically, I am looking for what you consider fair pricing (the finished product will be roughly 150 pages with limited artwork).

3. I am concentrating on skirmish and including rules for large battles. Large battles will be covered in more detail in later supplements.

4. Both 28mm and 15mm scales will work.

5. Keep in mind that the game is set in more of an “Ancient” setting rather than medieval. This is not to say that you can’t play any fantasy models.

6. The weapons will be classified rather than specific with examples of each classification (i.e., a sword or axe is a class 1 hand weapon, a 2H sword or axe will be a class 1 2H weapon, etc.). You will have to get the book to see specifics

7. Instead of choosing a limited number of spells for a mage, I have decided that mages will be able to attempt any spell in the “tome”. Failure results in various consequences ranging from the spell just not working to the total destruction of the mage. Also, the potential for success will be higher as the mage level increases.

8. The charts and tables that were so prevalent in the first edition have been greatly reduced and the Action Phase has been cleaned up.

9. Morale and Initiative are handled completely differently resulting in a huge gain in gameplay efficiency.

10. Combat and shooting are refined so that the game isn’t as bloody, but the overall gaming experience will be richer as a result.

I have to say that I am truly excited about the second edition. I think our fans will be very pleased to see that I have taken their suggestions and created a game tailored to their gaming styles and preferences. I hope you will participate in this final effort to ensure that Fantasy Legend succeeds in giving gamers what they want. See this same post in the Fantasy Legend board on the BKG Forum and add your thoughts.

Thanks to those who have helped me along the way. You know who you are, and I truly appreciate your help and support. To my new friend across the pond, a special hello and thank you.