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Seasoned Spigot Preview and New Hunters for Guild Ball

A double-kick for you for Guild Ball from Steamforged. They're coming out with a little old, and a little new. First off, they have started taking pre-orders for new resin Hunter's Guild teams. They're the same players that you might have, but resculpted and now in resin. They're also continuing their previews of the upcoming Faithful box with a look at Seasoned Spigot.

A bestial captain with untamed power, Theron strikes with the frenzy of a cornered beast. Tempered by the hardships of war, his primal wrath pushes him to endure and survive. He lives for the thrill of the hunt. Every chase into dense forest leads his prey to face their brutal end.

Theron’s Hunters are a rabid pack. Only when their opponent is most vulnerable will they pounce. Using traps and thick forests, they control the flow of the game by herding opponents directly into danger for brutal take-outs. Patient coaches looking for a fast pack of players to ensnare their prey will enjoy the fury of these Hunters.


Winter has arrived in the Empire of the Free Cities, and with it, Skatha, the Champion of the Moon Goddess. Her command of the elements is such that the ground beneath her heel freezes over, and her opponents’ limbs grow numb from the chill wind surrounding her.

Beware then the power of the Winter Queen, for she brings a deadly potency to any team she leads, lending them lethal mobility, and a cold-hearted ruthlessness. Skatha’s brood eschew the board control tactics of other Hunters and instead go for the throat, charging into the opposition to inflict terrible wounds, before slipping away with unnatural agility to score the winning goal.

Prepare for the coming of a frozen dawn - this set includes a themed ball, terrain piece, goal, 6 player cards, bases, and 6 players: Skatha, Snow, Ulfr, Seenah, Chaska, and Veteran Hearne.


So Seasoned Spigot presented an interesting challenge for us. Designing a second or third incarnation of a Guild Ball character is always something special, and this time had an added element of trial since the player in question was changing Guilds. We needed to maintain the feel of Spigot while also acknowledging he's moved into a new phase in his life, and do all that while looking at the role we want him to play within the Order. With that said, let's start getting into his stats.