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Season 3 Mercury Card Previewed For Guild Ball

With SteamCon getting ever-closer (this is the last week to buy tickets, by the way), that means the release of the Season 3 card decks is getting ever-closer (those in attendance can pick up their own copies, with the full online release happening the day after the convention's over). That means we've got just a bit longer with these previews before we get to see all the changes. But that doesn't mean we're any less excited for the previews. Some people have noticed that Alchemists have been alchamissed (not my original joke. Groan at others if you must). That gets fixed today.

Mercury is another example of, "not much changed with their card, but a little bit did." He's still an Oprah of the Fire condition. Meaning, of course, "You get Fire! You get Fire! You get Fire! Everyone gets Fire! (but you still have to pay taxes on it)" Both his Plays create Fire in some form. And just being around him will give you Fire. One other change is he brings a bit more Influence to the table, going from 1 to 2.

What Guild are you most interested in seeing how they've changed in Season 3?