Seahawk Productions launches Cthulhu Soundscape Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jul 4th, 2013

Seahawk Productions has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help add some ambiance to your horror games with their Cthulhu Soundscapes.

From the campaign:

Cthulhu. Inspiration to a generation of gamers. Now, for many who play table-top Cthulhu games the time has come to experience the sounds of this dread universe and immerse themselves in the dark world of the Great Old Ones. The epic Darkraven Cthulhu Soundscape, which is designed to be played while you enjoy your favorite Cthulhu or horror table-top game, takes you from the underwater city of R’lyeh to Ithaqua’s realm of wind and ice to the epic battles between the Cthulhu cosmic entities — with several stops in between. Based mostly on sound samples, there is strong, but simple occasional musical accompaniment to set the emotional tone.

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  • Soulfinger

    It sounds like one of those Halloween spooky sound albums that you can pick up for a dollar. For the extra $16 I could get one of those white noise machines from the Sixteen-Dollar store that is right next door to the Dollar Tree in my town. Then I alternate between the two so that my players get totally relaxed from the ocean or rain sounds and then BAM witch cackles and chainsaw noises. It would totally freak everyone out! For the money and considering that this album is “Based mostly on sound samples,” I was expecting more duck noises. There are a lot of ducks in my Cthulhu games, which adds an alarming element of horror.

    • Go on – you’ve got me intrigued with the ducks. I would have gone with octopi(?) throwing on non-porous surfaces and the forceful desuctioncupification of them. I might be too visually driven though… Personally I can’t wait for a scentscape. It would work on the same principles of RGB for colour, but you would be able to mix most scents from three vials through the aid of a little usb thingy. I am sure it would be horribly missused, but think of the immersion possibilities! Tailor made scentscapes to go with your videogame, movie or soundtrack!!! Would have to turn it off for your comments though – I mean I imagine that you, like a certain bond villain, always have a kitty in your lap that you’re fiddling with… Because I really don’t want to say “smells like soulfinger in here”.

      • Soulfinger

        Funny thing is I have an article half worked up on engaging the five senses in role playing that includes using scents for association and scene building. I think scentscapes are a great idea.

        As far as the ducks go, I’m kind of serious. People tend to mine the same horror tropes over and over when running a horror RPG, but players are already inured to this stuff from movies and video games. It’s fun, but it’s not terrifying. If you really want to mess your players up for life then you employ a theme that is not typically associated with the horror genre. Take ducks. You have a sick duck swimming circles in a pond that finally sinks below the surface in a slick of blood, dessicated duck corpses, beaks and feet at the threshold of the sewer grate where something unnameable has been eating them, a skinless duck oozing blood and slime that follows the party (and is soon joined by more), and so forth. By the end of the game, you play a track of ducks quacking and everyone shits their pants.

        I have a different perspective on horror though. For me, the very first chapter of William Goldman’s “The Silent Gondoliers” is scarier than all of the Saw movies put together. Then again, I’ve had to pause Call of Cthulhu games so that my players can turn on some more lights and then had them complain about nightmares afterwards, so I have to be doing something right.

        • I’m loving the ducks now. That is awesome. I fee like doing a diorama of that.

          I had to look up that book, but it doesn’t say much about the first chapter. I did enjoy the princess bride so I’m guessing it’s a good read. I suspect it has to do with the maintaining of legends? Like how history is just what the victors decided kind of thing? That is scary indeed.

          Your game session sounds groovy. I’m kinda jealous.

          Oh – as for the scent thing – apparantly it’s real 🙂 “olfactory display” although it uses more vials…