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Seahawk Productions launches Cthulhu Soundscape Kickstarter

Seahawk Productions has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help add some ambiance to your horror games with their Cthulhu Soundscapes.

From the campaign:

Cthulhu. Inspiration to a generation of gamers. Now, for many who play table-top Cthulhu games the time has come to experience the sounds of this dread universe and immerse themselves in the dark world of the Great Old Ones. The epic Darkraven Cthulhu Soundscape, which is designed to be played while you enjoy your favorite Cthulhu or horror table-top game, takes you from the underwater city of R'lyeh to Ithaqua's realm of wind and ice to the epic battles between the Cthulhu cosmic entities -- with several stops in between. Based mostly on sound samples, there is strong, but simple occasional musical accompaniment to set the emotional tone.