Sea Dragon Miniatures Offers a New Miniature

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Nov 5th, 2011

Sea Dragon Miniatures offers a new miniature:

From their announcement:

I am working on new fantasy miniature range – Norsgard. First miniature is ready and from few months big box of lovely sculpted Valkries is standing in the corner of my room. So, I realized that it is shame to cover this mini with dust and decided to make small fundraiser for my project. In November I can offer 50 copies of Valkyrie and to each mini I will add small print of concept art made by Gonzalo Ordonez.

This is photo of resin version of mini (made by Atacam). I am selling metal version of it.

Model is comprised of three parts (main body + right hand + left hand)
and is approx. 32mm tall. It comes with 30mm round base.

Price: 8.45euro + 2.5euro shipping worldwide.

Anyone intersted in please contact me via [email protected].

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  • lordofexcess

    Nice looking mini! Can hardly wait to see more 🙂

  • mathieu

    I find the sculpt quite different from the original concept, and rather mediocre to be honest… No sharp edges anywhere (the axe look like a blunt weapon), no volume in her hair, coarse details. And that’s for a resin cast version, which usually means sharper, more accurate details.

  • I’ve been following the artist that did the concept art on deviantart for a few years now, the mini really doesn’t match it very well though 🙁

  • Nivanti

    I agree mini has lost artwork , when you look at Facebook page they have arguments that make no sense like we did not want her like artwork, well why show art work then and my fav it’s hard to sculpt like artwork ermmm kingdom of death do it pretty well.

    Disappointed I really like this artwork 🙁

  • ish

    Well, whereas the concept artist went for the cartoony look the sculptor tried to make sense. That doesn’t work with this style, the model just looks poorly executed. Shame because there would be potential, just look at Soda Pop’s minis…