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Sea Dragon Miniatures Offers a New Miniature

Sea Dragon Miniatures offers a new miniature:

From their announcement:

I am working on new fantasy miniature range - Norsgard. First miniature is ready and from few months big box of lovely sculpted Valkries is standing in the corner of my room. So, I realized that it is shame to cover this mini with dust and decided to make small fundraiser for my project. In November I can offer 50 copies of Valkyrie and to each mini I will add small print of concept art made by Gonzalo Ordonez.

This is photo of resin version of mini (made by Atacam). I am selling metal version of it.

Model is comprised of three parts (main body + right hand + left hand)
and is approx. 32mm tall. It comes with 30mm round base.

Price: 8.45euro + 2.5euro shipping worldwide.

Anyone intersted in please contact me via