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Sea Dog Game Studios Releases Details about the 2012 Origins Invitational Events

Sea Dog Game Studios is headed to Origins. Are you? Well, if you are, here's a list of what they're going to be doing while there. It's pretty extensive.

Sea Dog Game Studios has released details about their very special Invitational Events at Origins 2012. These very special games are only open to players who have attended any previous Invitational events, have received an invite during the 2011-2012 convention season, or have won a qualifying event at Origins 2012. Come play with the best of the best! Prizes will be awarded at both Invitational events.

TechCommander: Phase Line Delta
Date: Friday, June 1, 7pm-11pm

A mineral rich planet under USSC control has “rebelled.” The rebels, under the name Planetary Liberation Front, or PLF, are well funded and have seized a nearby moon. The moon is very heavily defended, and serves as a cover for PLF reinforcements to drop from FTL and move in on the planet.

Imbedded assets report suspected Syndicate financial backing as well as funding for the PLF “militia." Strength is estimated at regular army levels. After the PLF revolution was announced, the local pirate elements have seized upon the chaos to make a profit. Heavy pirate activities are reported, and in some cases pirate forces are even coordinating with the PLF –perhaps feeling a non USSC controlled planet would lead to future profits.

The USSC has gathered a reactionary force of all available local units and several licensed PMC units to defend the USSC colony. The USSC fleet is led by the HMS Queen Elizabeth IV and several US consorts.

This fleet is formidable, but not strong enough to defeat the lunar defenses of the PMC’s supply line. The USSC fleet has thus taken position in planetary orbit opposite the moon.

Fighting has settled on Phase Line Delta, a railway running through the planet’s main colonial city. As control of the railway and the city are desired by both sides, this appears to be the focal point of combat. Both sides have realized that the status can not last. The USSC has a major fleet inbound and will be able to turn the tide unless the PLF can drive out the USSC and set up the planetary defenses, which are similar to those used on the planet's moon.

A local sentiment toward the combatants seems to be divided, and both sides seem to be avoiding collateral damage to sway local opinion.

Details:This will be force-on-force micro skirmishes with mission objectives! Each side will have a Colonel who will direct his/her side's forces. Units eliminated are lost to the force, unless the players can win skirmishes to get resupply points and get replacements!
NPCs: We have need of a player to act as an NPC PMC character for one of the missions. If getting horrifically wiped out by two armies at once sounds fun to you, let us know!

Sailpower: Tournament of Plunder
Date: Saturday, June 2, 7pm-12midnight
Setting: The Sailpower Seas of Origins, we will be setting up a completely unfair game board. Expect lethal anti piracy squadrons, hot shot, bad weather,and merciless local resistance. Carnage basically is the rule and we aim to destroy more than a few players’ ships! If this sounds too unfair for you, please don’t play. Or, you can ask for an NPC slot (see below) and help punish those who do!
NPCs: If anyone is interested, there are also a couple of spots for NPC players. To qualify as a NPC, you must have played Sailpower before, and not beafraid of handling multiple ships in situations that are most likely no win/ship loss scenarios. We will have a bit of special consideration for such volunteers. If this sounds fun, see head GM Ed.Wedig ASAP.
Play Rules – Factions:Please register your preference before play starts. Baring capital or “rated” ships, you may play any ship our GM team will allow . . . however full realistic crew/faction/ship rules are in play meaning:

British Royal Navy gets lower crews and lower warship sized holds. These are pirate controlled waters; all ports will be neutral or enemy.

Other navies will receive historic ships of that navy and lower warship sized holds. Play of such forces is by arrangement with head GM Ed Wedig ONLY

Pirates get more crew and ample cargo space, but will be considered famed and notorious (this is an invitational for the best right?) and will be actively hunted and shot at. No false flag ruses will work.

Armed Merchants will get the largest cargo holds, but the least crew. Armed merchants are friendly to one faction of their choosing. This choice is made pregame. Any act unprovoked aggression by a merchant makes them a pirate.

Privateers will only be able to use GM sanctioned privateer vessels, but will receive double victory points for taking out or capturing royal navy or pirate ships. May play as a American, French, or Spanish privateer.

General Tournament of Plunder rules:
Loot! You will be issued a paper bucket for point chips. Write your name on it and use it. If your plunder ‘exceedeth’ your bucket ask for a second one and label it too!
Random loot! The GM’s will be awarding points for good in character historical gameplay and trivia question answers. These are GM discretion only so no begging
Play small score big! Players with ship(s) totaling 100 tons or less (hull not cargo space) get double treasure pulls Little ship with a Big Sister! Protection deals with privateers or navy vessels is OK, but needs to be registered with the GM
It’s a trap! The big treasure island is searchable at many locations (marked), gets double treasure pulls (yes under 100 gets their double doubled), but red chests generate 2D20 of defenders
Check it twice! When you receive treasure write it down, receive ships for finders points and have a GM sign off your inventory and toss it back in the chest! If it’s not written down it DOES NOT EXIST
Bank it! If you cash in at port your points are scored to you and can’t be taken if you lose your ship. Have a GM record the points to the list, and cross the treasures off the list, and issue you point chips.
Moving up the list! All non treasure victory points will be recorded by a GM, be sure we get it down on our list, and award you point chips.
It’s good to be on top! Victory points may be used for barter in game, or even to “buy” things in game such as legit cargo, or even a replacement ship if you lose yours! Buying things might help you out of a jam, but spend wisely as you can’t count your spent points towards your final points tally!
Know your plunder! We use poker chips to bank points. White chips are 1 point, Greens 5, Blue 10, Orange 50, Pink 100, and Yellow 1000.