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Sea Dog Game Studios Gencon 2011 releases

Sea Dog Game Studios have posted details of their releases for GenCon 2011. 8 New Ray-class Tanks for TechCommander From their announcement:
Sea Dog Game Studios will be at Gencon this year. We are running games Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with morning and evening Sailpower and mid-day TechCommander deathmatch games. We will have a booth in the dealer hall (Booth #1843) for your shopping pleasure. We are trying to have folks there to run short games on our demo table. We also will be releasing: TechCommander 8 new AC2 Ray-class tanks designs, all based off the original STINGRAY chassis. These will be available, first come-first serve, in limited numbers. They retail for $25 each, but will be available at special pricing of $20 each if you buy at least 3, buy a starter, buy a core rulebook, or spend at least $100 on Sea Dog Game Studios product. These tanks are very cool, and were designed to add some cost effective entries for building a Techcommander playbox.
In addition to the 8 new Rays, we are releasing a AC2 command scout car called the ROUGHRIDER, which resembles a cross between a Willies jeep and some sort of space invader. This vehicle will be available as part of the ray class multi-tank purchase deal outlined above. Also released for Gencon:
  • Beast AC4 MSV - $50
  • Paladin AC6 MSV - $120
We are also hoping to have a few surprises ready for the show (crossing fingers!) Sailpower Sailpower starters, and a lot of our 8 gun sloops and schooners sold out at Origins, but never fear we have restocked and should have plenty at the show. We also have restocked the brand new HMS Speedy kit ($85) For those who have the Sailpower rules and want to get rolling with the new Sailpower 2.0 pre-release rules we are using at shows, we will have the new quick rules playmats available in rolled form for $10 These quickrules include:
  • Improved ships with better speed plots, wind shadowing, and new stats
  • Improved cannon charts with new cannon types
  • Improved Small boat rules
  • The new RAKE RULE! (You guys all asked for it!)
  • and finally the full treasure search system!
We also will have limited quantities of the colored treasure chests (like the ones we use at shows) in sets of 20 (12 black, 8 red) And last but not least we will have loose small boats and bits available to accessorize your ship!