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Sea Dog Game Studios adds 10 Gun Brigantine and 12 Gun Brig kits to online store

Sea Dog Game Studios has a pair of new ships available over in their webshop for your maritime gamers.


From the release:

We’ve just added a 10 Gun Brigantine and a 12 Gun Brig kits to our online store!

10 Gun Brigantine kit
This is a 10-gun brigantine typical of those favored by pirates of Nassau. This ship likely started life as a merchant, and also can be upgraded to add swivel guns, including 2 on either side of the ship’s wheel, which would be used to guard the Captain from threats on the main deck.

12 Gun Brig kit12 Gun Brig kit
This brig is armed with 12 guns, has a bluff bow and a nice quarterdeck and stern gallery and has 12 points along the rail to potentially add rail swivel guns. She would be typical of merchant and privateer brigs from the Age of Piracy and the Age of Revolutions. This mid-sized ship makes for a nice “large” ship for smaller games, or as a privateer, merchant, or mid-sized warship for a bigger game. She also would make for a great support ship for a small coastal raiding mission!

These 2 new models join the Bermuda Sloop kit, the Flush Deck 8 Gun Warship kit, the Armed Merchant Sloop kit and the 10 Gun Cutter kit that were released after last year’s successful KickStarter project.

We’ve got more kits planned! Stay Tuned!