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SeaDragon Miniatures Posts Information on Playtesting for their New Game Norsgard

SeaDragon Miniatures has posted information on their FB page for Playtesting their new game Norsgard:

From their Facebook page:

Norsgard is a fantasy skirmish set in a legendary world of Isbran. An ever-winter land where fierce conflicts arise, and passions that can melt even the ice. From high mountains to storm shattered seas you can find warriors waiting for battle. Grim but noble orc templars will soon try to stop hordes of undead. Secret order of Valkyries will be fighting against blood-frenzied barbarians. Conflicts will arise and other people will soon join the upcoming war. It will be time of epic battles, heroes will arise... or fall. It is high time to join and create your own legend in the lands of ice and fire!

If you like rolling big bunch of dice, plan complex strategies and play dynamic games, than Norsgard will be a good game for you. Here each model counts. Even the weakest fighter can wound a mighty hero, but alone he will be killed in a blink of an eye. So, move your fighters wisely, plan the most important charges, react to enemy moves. You can rely on support of your priests or magicians, but you have to keep them close to the heat of battle. Play special cards during activation of fighters, which can increase their combat potential. Plan your fights wisely, decide how aggressively your fighters will fight and remember fortune favours the bold!

Playtests are staring next week. Here is playtesting schedule:

16/JAN - 05/FEB - first part of playtesting (games without magic)

06/FEB - 12/FEB - week for me to update rules

13/FEB - 26/FEB - full rules testing (with magic)

For more details contact:
Join on facebook:
Official site will appear in February! Keep an eye on this project if you like fantasy.