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Scythe Jetcopter from Laserburn now at brings another classic Laserburn model back into production with the release of the Scythe Jetcopter.

V007 front view


From the release:

This week we have one of the two remaining classic Laserburn vehicles re-mastered and in new molds for you. The Scythe class Jetcopter. This was one of the most popular models from the 15mm Laserburn line in the 1980's but in recent years its huge weight in white metal meant that its price became ever higher sadly. Now though it is produced in part in metal but its hull is high grade resin meaning it is much lighter and easier to produce as well. While there are many VTOL and such aircraft and dropships too on the market there are few science fiction helicopters by comparison. Perhaps it was once in your collect or you might want to add one or more of them to your collection now. The Scythe has come out beautifully and we are very happy with it and we hope you all are too.

V007 Scythe Jetcopter
1 Resin and Metal Kit
This code contains all of the parts required to assemble one jetcopter suitable for any 15mm campaign. The parts are as follows a resin hull, resin top mounted engine pods, white metal landing struts, white metal rotor blades with miniature thrusters and three separate weapon pods for attaching to the hull. This model is not supplied with a flying base but can be easily mounted upon one. Assembly required. Dimensions assembled are 75mm length, 35mm width and 35mm height. A classic Laserburn model once more back in production.

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