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ScrumBrawl released

VicTim Games have released the ScrumBrawl fantasy football boardgame. From their announcement:
VicTim Games is thrilled to announce the release of ScrumBrawl. After months of waiting, and years of planning, ScrumBrawl has finally arrived at our warehouse. Within the next 24 hours, we will be shipping all remaining preorders. A huge thank you to those of you who preordered. We have also launched a brand new Web site,, chock full of information about ScrumBrawl including online rules, game play variations, quotes from those who have played, some behind-the-scenes sketchwork and photo galleries, not to mention a shop ready to take your online order at all hours of the day and night. Come check out the new site, become a member in our ScrumBrawl forum, and make sure to come to our Facebook page as well to visit with other great fans of ScrumBrawl.