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Screaming Heretic Podcast episode 33 now online

Screaming Heretic now has episode 33 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Welcome to episode 33 of Screaming Heretic. Your best source for Warhammer 40k nonsense, laughs, sometimes news, and once in a while good hobby advice.

Segment 1

Open & Updates
New Minion Applications
Bitzbox Conversion Segment – Don’t Drink and Podcast
Segment 2
A Tale of Two List Update – Highlight lists selected by Matt and Justin. Reminder that they need to provide 2 lists, one at 1750 and one at 2000 points
6th Ed Main Book FAQ Overview
Hobby Mastery – Guest Brush Paints and Additives (by djinn24)
Grex Airbrush – Third part on airbrush selection
Segment 3
Kiss My List
Girls on Gaming -Throwing a gamer geek party