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Screaming Heretic episode 9 - Mathieu Fontaine painting master class

Episode 9 of the Screaming Heretic Podcast features painter Mathieu Fontaine. From their announcement:
Weighing in at just over three hours is ep 9! Now 25% shorter and Cat free! We'll try to get back to our normal two hour length going forward, just too much good stuff to talk about this week. Segment One
  • Open & shout outs (Return of She-Swizzy!)
  • Hobby updates
  • Product review
  • KML
  • n00b 411 Magnet basics, thinning paint, base coating, basic brush technique
Segment Two
  • Contest update (times running out!)
  • News & new releases
  • How to make older armies more competitive
  • Girls on Gaming (Cosplay op ed)
  • Segment Three -
  • Master Class recap
  • Mathieu Fontaine Interview