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Screaming Heretic Ep 36 now online

Screaming Heretic now has episode 36 of their podcast up online for your listening enjoyment.

In this episode:

Segment 1

Open & Updates
Product Review – swm corpse bases, objective markers, and the war demon from Ultraforge
Apoc League – Overview and battle reports
You might be an asshat gamer if….

Segment 2
Hobby Finds! – Silicone, tweezers, holders, and more!
Horus Heresy Book One Betrayal – Traitor Legions
Conversion Segment by Bitz Box – Multi Ethnic Siamese Space Marine

Segment 3
Tim’s Minion Review
A Tale of Two List Update – Winner Winner! Matt selected the Thunderwolf list by Olivier. Justin selected the Dark Angels list by Jordan
Girl on gaming – Return of the burning man & Gamer Xmass ideas
Kiss My List
Hobby Mastery – Djinn24 – Model Assembly