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Screaming Heretic Ep 28 now online

The Screaming Heretic now has episode 28 up for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Open & Updates

SMW July Release- Asian bases, gas mask head swaps, greatcoat legs, rebreather backpack, tree stumps, scrap yard barrier terrain, and dry earth pigment kit


The Last Cheese Standing. It’s a two day ‘ard Boyz replacement tourney. The dates are August 4th and 5th and it’s being held at the Game Room in Toledo, OH. 2500 points, no painting requirement, no sportsmanship scores, ‘ard Boyz style prize support and the event is a Feast of Blades qualifier. Cost is $30 if you preregister, $40 if you pay day of. Rules, hotel info, and preregistration are available at

Forge World taking pre-orders for Spartan Assault Tank (95 pounds)

MaxMini previews new Sonic Helmets

Puppets War has new German Sturmpoiniere heads

Puppets War releases new Apis shoulder pads (Bulls)

Segment Two

Kiss My List

Winning Contest Entries – Logo and Song contests

Contest Update – Show Ideas and iTunes contests are still going. Win bitz from Bitz Box or a KR Multicase. Review our new contest for Two Gamesday Tickets!

Segment Three

Grex Tips & Tricks

Girls of gaming – Gamesday planning

Interview the CEO of Badger Airbrush