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Screaming Heretic Ep 11 - Jen does Spam!

Screaming Heretic has posted Episode 11: Jen does Spam!

From their website:

Welcome to Ep 11! We almost cancelled this weeks podcast due to a lack of Heretics! TheJen and I carried on with a guest host to bring you more Heretic goodness.. Jen shocks us with her thoughts on a spam filled DE list! Is she turning to the dark side of spam love? Without further adieu… A Few Heretic More

Segment One-

Open & Intro

Hobby / Gaming updates

Gaming News

Kiss My List

Segment Two -

n00b 411 - Tricks for shadow placement, dealing with eyes (practice with soda pop mini's), gluing (less is more)

KR Multicase Interview

Segment Three -

Girl on Gaming

How to set-up & run a master class