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Scrappers Added to Osprey Publishing Summer Sale

Everyone loves saving money. You can get more stuff that way. Well, Osprey Publishing is adding to their Summer Sale by bringing in Scrappers, their post-apocalyptic skirmish miniatures game. Earth was ruined around 150 years ago (Thanks, Todd! Sheesh!), and those that have survived are fighting with each other over the meager resources and bits of scrap that remain (oh, now I get the name...). You can pick up your copy at a special price now.

From the announcement:

Our Osprey Games book Scrappers: Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish Wargames by Robert Faust and Andrew Davies is part of the Osprey Summer Sale!
Grab yours today!

More than 150 years have passed since the apocalypse that nearly destroyed the Earth. Today, the planet is a torn remnant of its former glory, ravaged by nuclear fallout and mutagens. New lifeforms - Mutants and Synthetics - challenge True Humanity for dominance, while warring factions compete for survival and supremacy, and all must carve out their place in this brutal landscape, or else perish as billions before them. Scrappers is skirmish miniatures game set in the wastelands, where players assemble Scrapper Crews and send them out to scavenge scraps of Ancient technology and battle rival factions. Explorers, cultists and raiders clash with mutated creatures, robotic soldiers and embittered True Humans in this wargame of salvage and survival in the ruins of the future.