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Scourge of the Storm global campaign website open

Games Workshop have unveiled the website for their Scourge of the Storm global campaign in support of the Storm of Magic expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. From their announcement:
This summer, every Warhammer army will engage in an epic campaign of magic and mayhem. With the Winds of Magic causing havoc across the Warhammer world, the Scourge of the Storm global campaign will see which army ends up as the most dominant. Scourge of the Storm is a global campaign based around the new Warhammer Expansion, Storm of Magic. You will be able to record the results of your Storm of Magic battles on our campaign page, and you'll also be able to see how your chosen faction is progressing, both around the world and in your own country. What's more, Games Workshop Hobby Centres will be conducting hundreds of battles, and any results you enter there will count for more. So make sure head down to your local store this weekend and beyond to join in the epic conflict!