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Scottish online retailer Pyre Studios opens

A new online store, Pyre Studios, is opening in Edinburgh, Scotland. From their announcement:
It is with great pride that I announce the launch of Pyre Studios, a new retail venture based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Initially set up as a painting service some 2 years ago Pyre Studios is now diving into the realms of retail. Wearing the badge of a boutique store we are dedicated to promoting skirmish wargames of all genres. Our initial three lines went live today: Heavy Gear Arena, MERCS and Warlands. Twilight will follow at the start of May. Over the next 6-12 months we will be bringing more wargames into our store. These will largely be imports and new-to-market games but we do have a soft spot for some of the more established games around at the moment. Rather than operate a fire-and-forget web store we are currently in discussions with LGSs to lease space for demos and product support events. Leagues and tournaments figure largely into our plans for the foreseeable future. As always our painting service continues unabated. For more information, please visit our web site at