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Scotia Grendel releases new Fantasy Rangers

Scotia Grendel has some new fantasy Ranger minis (Go! Go, Fantasy Rangers!) available over in their webshop. The figures are pretty good for a variety of applications, from used as a character for your RPG, for the DM as a pack of bandits to face off against your characters, or as a replacement for certain units in various fantasy miniatures skirmish games. They've got a couple different packs you can buy them in, to suit just whatever application you want them for.


From the release:

This month is dedicated to Western Rangers as we have four packs dedicated for them. Our first pack GFR0074 - Ranger Hero, is also the first of up-coming personality pack from our Generic Fantasy Range. Another two packs are: GFR0065 - Western Rangers I and GFR0066 - Western Rangers II, you can use them as rangers or road bandits who prey on distracted travelers. To complete the line we also include GFR0067 - Western Rangers Command, and as always you can buy them in our Regimental packs. But thats not all. If you are an RPG player or skirmish wargamer, you will be interested in our GFRA3001 - Western Rangers Band. This pack include six Western Ranegers and a Ranger Hero, excellent choice for starting a new warband. The last pack is GFR0063 - Western Spearmen II.

On our workbench (aka "Design Studio")

For those who missed our post on Facebook or the topic on our forum, here is a little preview of some up-coming miniatures:
You can find more on our forum and Facebook page, where we will post more up-coming miniatures!

That's all for this month, more nice stuff coming soon!