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Scotia Grendel November releases posted

Scotia Grendel posted up their November releases up on their website. You've got some horsemen, some swordsmen, and a stealth bomber.
No, that's not a typo.


From the release:

New 1/300 scale models
This month we present you another two new packs from our Scotia Micro Model range. First one is CAGS56 - Horton X a prototype of German flying wing fighter, next one in line is MM0012 - M113 AIFV.

Generic Fantasy Range
In this month we have a four packs of cavalry for Northmen: GFR0046 - Northmen Cavalry with Spear I, GFR0047 - Northmen Cavalry with Sword I, GFR0062 - Northmen Cavalry with Sword II and GFR0048 - Cavlary Command, you can buy them also in our regimental pack. The last one pack is GFR0060 - Western Swordmen Command, pack include Leader, Standard Bearer and Musician.