Scorpion Air Lander for Laserburn at remastered and brought back another classic Laserburn mini with the release of their Scorpion Air Lander.

V011 with miniature for scale


From the release:

Good and sad news everybody this week as we have the last Laserburn classic 15mm scale vehicle code re-mastered and re-released. Yes, that’s right the last one and its been just over half a year since we started and its been a great experience and a lot of fun too. But we kept the daddy for last, the biggest and meanest of the whole vehicle range. That’s right the old ‘skull cracker’ itself the Scorpion Air Lander. One of the very first ‘dropship’ type models in the early 1980’s it was an absolute beast in white metal meaning it was really heavy, hard to produce and that meant that we took it off the market. In fact with this release today its now cheaper than it was in 2005! The big one piece hull is now in high quality grey tone resin which is much, much lighter. There are many dropship types of models on the market now but this vehicle is pure space opera with its open top and anti-gravity drive. Perhaps it was once in your collect or you might want to add one or more of them to your collection now. The Scorpion has come out beautifully and we are very happy with it and we hope you all are too.

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