Scibor preview new Minotaurs

Scibor Monstrous Monsters have sent along a preview photo of some work-in-progress Minotaur miniatures.

WIP Minotaurs
WIP Minotaurs

From their announcement:

3 days ago I saw pictures of new GW Minotaurs. I decided that I would like to try and sculpt my own vision of Minotaurs as dynamic and aggressive.

I like my Minotaurs as they look like real creatures without crocodile tusks and with head and legs similar to real bulls. In my vision Minotaur is dangerous because he is strong, big and fast like bull.

It is only 2 days of work and I will change some parts, other are unfinished, but I hope that overall conception is clear.

More photos are available on their website.