Scibor Miniatures has new SF Celtic Torin Mech Suit

By Polar_Bear
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May 17th, 2012

Scibor Miniatures has a new hulking SF Celtic Torin Mech Suit up on their website. Get a load of this guy!

From the release:

SF Celtic Mechanized Suit – Torin. In blister You’ll find 1 unpainted resin model and scenic round, 60mm, resin base.Model is 105mm tall from feet to top.

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  • Kraan

    Too many round surfaces, not enough decorations and the design is quite bland. It’s not as good as a Warmachine or as a Dreadnought mech.
    My personal opinion, eh!

    • I actually like this better than the last giant mech suit he did.. I would actually prefer it without all of the decorations though so I can make it into something non-40k. It has a Victorian Sci-Fi vibe to it that I think is really neat. The top hatch looks a little bit Tau, but past that I like the general design…

  • lordofexcess

    This is a knockoff of a single model in the GW range … the dredknight. I can’t imagine using any of the Scibor stuff for Warmachine certainly not this model. As for 40K this could of course be used as all sorts of things, regular Dred, etc. hell even a Demonprince with a ton of conversions. But it is clearly being sold as an alternative to the dredknight. Which is kind of confusing since this is in their knockoff space wolves line. I guess there are always super cheese heads who want to do counts as Greyknights with wolf models?!?

    As for the model itself I think this model is a more interesting model than the GW dredknight model. Knowing Scibor though they’ll do one up for their generic ultramarines and dark angels lines as well. They have basically knocked off space wolves, dark angels and ultramarines as well as some cool alternative thousand sons stuff.

    For people who are Scibor models for other games than 40K … meh … why spend so much money with so many other scratch options out there in the toy isle at the local Walmart, etc. a little conversion work and bada bing you can have really awesome models. Scibor is serving the market of 40K players who want very customized armies at lower prices than forgeworld.

    • Last time I checked I was both entitled to my own opinion and had the ability to spend my money on whatever I wanted…

    • I want to also point out.. you make it sound like it’s super expensive.. it’s only 2 dollars and 1 nickel higher than the GW Dreadknight. Let’s be real here.. you’re some kind of enraged fanboy right?

  • palaeomerus

    Knockoff? Huh? Is a competitor a knockoff now? Were the space wolves the first example of beards and long hair and engraved armor? Were big robot suits invented or even substantially innovated upon by GW? There were exosuits in The Matrix:Revolutions that looked more like the Dread Knight than this does. There were also the power suits from Avatar, GI JOe toys, and several anime from the 1970’s to fall back on. Then there is GW’s old Eldar Warwalker. There is the Iron Monger armor from Iron Man. Or the armor in Starship Troopers even. There is no new concept in a slaved movement servo exoskeleton.

    This looks more like Capt. Darius’s Steam Suit in Warmachine than the Dread Knight. And it still has its own look.

    Why dump on Scibor? You think GW is super creative for borrowing Giger’s Alien, the terminator, Starwars storm troopers, Dune, Heinlein’s power armor, steroids, Michael Moorcock’s chaos stuff, Tolkien, Laserburn’s future Church vs. Empire setting, demons, Iron maiden album covers, and some Judge Dredd and doing a huge constantly revised “gothic” sci-fi mashup with it? GW is standing on the shoulders of some giants.

    C’mon. It’s a nice model. And it’s expensive. But so are Japanese garage kits and RC cars. The politics of knocking Scibor for copying the copiers is both unneeded and misguided. Sure you could probably kit-bash something else for less from toys. So what?

    • I completely agree.. GW has been suing people for making things that are similar to theirs.. but the fact is..everything GW is offering is derived from something else. They haven’t got a single thing that they produced that isn’t based on SOMETHING.
      Are there some blatant ripoffs out there? Yeah.. to be sure.. but to imply that GW is some kind of creative giant is a laugh riot.
      The Dreadknight model from GW looks an awful lot like some exo-squad toys I have from the 90s. So much so that I could imagine GW being sued for the similarity. It probably wouldn’t win but a case could definitely be made.